About Us

SEBELEC is built on the principles of integrity, innovation, and quality. A full service company that offers expertise in a multitude of electrical areas. We handle projects ranging from a one-hour Electrician service call, to complex, multi phased projects in remote areas.

We have 20 years total experience in our team and more than 10 years of Territory based history and work experience. We know what issues most commonly occur in remote areas and harsh climates and are always equipped to deal with any situation that may arise. Having come across every kind of problem we are well experienced in thinking on our feet, innovation is something we thrive at, we’re always happy to try something new for a client that will see them with a high quality long lasting result. Thinking outside the box is a skill that serves every industry.

At SEBELEC we believe in doing the job properly and working with a long term vision. Working with our customers to find solutions to suit their immediate needs as well as plans to carry them forward is what we view as our responsibility to the community - maintaining relationships as well as appliances. Customer service is something we view as a key part of our work, we value the people we work with, they are the reason we do what we do. We can cater to your budget and work to your needs.

Our work often takes us to remote locations across the Northern Territory, as well as Western and South Australia. We are electrical contractors for ANYWHERE in Central Australia, location is no limit. In our remote work we aim to keep our service as cost effective as possible by seeing as many clients as possible at each location.

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